My 2 daughters have been attending Moni`s Place family childcare since 2014. They provide a high-quality academic program which is delivered in a way that makes learning fun for the children as well as holiday trips to movie theatre, bowling and play parks, in addition to fun indoor activities. My children love attending their program every summer. They are very attentive and responsive to the children. My kids always have fun and also learn how to interact with other students. My experience with Moni`s Place family childcare has been a great one. I do recommend their program for your child/children. Thanks.
Olu Ibikunle
I had the privilege of having my then 6-year daughter spend 2017 summer at Moni`s Place family childcare. It was a deeply rewarding experience for me and my daughter because at Moni’s Place, they mix learning and play time into the children's daily activities. They had days when they went to the local museums or library. Having a veteran teacher as the director, they tailor their curriculum for each child.
C. Nnamdi Nzelibe, Pharm.D, BCOP
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